Still in celebration of Women’s month, I’ve decided to choose 3 amazing young women who have done exceptionally well in inspiring me through their hard working spirit. I can Truly and Proudly say that they inspire and motivate me so much. I’ve decided to write this post because, we as women hardly ever take some time, to compliment each other and wish one another well. Since I’m a huuuge fan and I’m crazy on Women empowerment I was like, you know what, why not, let me do this.

I don’t know some of them that much, so don’t expect me to give you a low down about the ins and out on their life. Basically this me saying ‘I see you ladies, yall doing a great job and keep it up’, that’s it andizi nandaba! Lol anyways Here we go

Anele Ngcebetsha:

Let me start of with the ever so Stylish Anele Ngcebetsha. I meeeeeeaaan, name one lady that rocks Vintange Clothing to the Teee the way Anele does it. I’ll wait….. of course you couldn’t think of anyone right. I know. Listen! I have to give it to her, in terms of style and Fashion she is the BOMB. But that’s not the only reason why I wanna talk about her. She is one of the most amazing ladies that I know who are holding it down in terms of being Business minded. She has her own Clothing Store, I think it’s called New Old Skool Collection. Obviously by the title of the Store name, I’m sure you get the idea of the type of clothes she sells. She mostly specialises in Vintage Clothes. I’ve been watching her for these past few years and she and her company/Store has grown so much. I love the dedication and the drive that she has for what she does. She is really an inspiration to  many of us, and I would like to say she must keep doing what she does, stay motivated and keep Grinding. I can’t wait to see her Business grow even Bigger and Bigger. One day I’ll try and get time to speak to her and find out more about her and her business. But for now I rank her as one of the Inspiring Young Women of our Times.

Here are her Social Media handles if you wanna see what I’m talking about

Facebook: Anele Ngcebetsha                                                                                                                Instagram: @anelengcebetsha


Nasiphi Bashe Ntsangani:

Sliding off to the next Queen, hayike this one. I know her personally we stayed in the same neighborhood, so I kind of know her here and there. Also it’s always great to see people that you know personally doing amazingly well in their fields of work. I don’t know how to introduce her to you guys, because to me she has always been Nasiphi Bashe, but now Mo’Ghel is married so I’ll formerly introduce her as MRS Ntsangani. Most of you guys that know her she is the Herbalife Queen . Like I have mentioned, I’ve seen her strive to be better at everything that she has been doing, in terms of her work and studies like when she Graduated at CPUT, also working at Capitec Bank. But that’s not why I’m here, she joined the Herbal life Business, aaaaand the only thing I can say is WOW!! The beautiful transformation she has made with her Body, …Baaaabes!!!, she is the ultimate Body Goals. Of course the way she handles herself running the Herbal Life Business is on another level, the passion that goes with what she does, you can’t deny that she loves every minute of the life she has chosen for herself. Ever since she has joined Herbal life, I’ve seen her flourish and become a great Business women. Her passion and drive is effortless, with that being said her Growth as a Coach and Business woman is vividly evident. Coach Nas keep up the good work, continue to be an inspiration to the Young women of our Times.

Her Social Media Handles                                                                                                                    Facebook: Nasiphi nana Bashe Ntsangani                                                                                        Instagram: @nasiphintsangani


Zikhona Mnyani:

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t honour and write about this amazing young women, who I’m proudly confident to call her my Friend. Ever looked at someone who  happens to be your friend and think to yourself, ‘you’re so amazingly talented why did you stood that low and agree to be my friend lol’ That’s me all the time, YES I do think like that (weird, I know). Who am I talking about if I’m not talking about Zikhona Mnyani a lot of you guys know her as ZEE. Where do I even begin with this talent. I’ve known her for a good couple of years since our CPUT days. I won’t mention the fact that she is pretty and has a Qualification in Film. But I will mention that She is one of the most passionate Young women that I have ever seen in the Film industry. She has done a lot of work, working with International and Local Production Companies. But what I admire mostly about her, is her willingness to strive in a Man dominated industry and prove that she can do what a man can do and even be better. Not only she has worked for Production companies, she has decided to go independent and Co- own a Film and Photography Company called the Twoman Crew. Her dedication into learning new things has blown my mind even more. After Graduating in Film School, she ventured and decided to spread her wings, and now she is a Self Taught Photographer. Her Skill from when she started in the business to where she is now has developed so much, in so many things, I’m talking Post Production in Photography, Editing Skills, Camera work, I could go on. I just wanna say Zee, not only because you’re my friend, you’re inspiration to many, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, and Keep Representing us Young Women.

Her Social Media Handles:                                                                                                                    Facebook: Zikhona Mnyani                                                                                                                   Instagram: @zikhona_mnyani



Rock your Vintage Jersey in 3 Styles!

I know I have been gone for sometime now. LOOK, Life happened, a person can get really busy you know. But here I am. I’m Back. Hopefully for good. whoop whoop. Anyway I’m not going to write a long ass post today, Ima keep it short and Simple.

So today I’m talking Winter Fashion. Hey I’m no fashion expert here or anything like that, but I’m here to Plug you out, share some of my ideas! So I have this Vintage ‘GOGO’ jersey that has been in my closet for a couple of years now. But I’ve never taken it seriously for a very long time, until recently. I want to show you how to Rock it in 3 Different ways this winter for different occasions, well I hope this helps. So that if you also have a GOGO jersey in your closet or your Mom’s Jersey YOU can start taking it seriously, you know I mean.

Here we GO!

Outfit 1

This is a casual look, here you can rock the jersey with your normal T shirt, Jeans and Sneakers. If you’re a student, this look would be perfect for you, or if you’re working we can call it Casual Friday. But hey this is how you can rock your Gogo Jersey. (Don’t ask me why I call it GOGO Jersey it just makes sense)

Click on the Pic to open!

Outfit 2

Yhooo guys this is my fav. So this one, you can rock this outfit when you going to party with friends on a night out. Or if you just wanna look extra that day then this is how you would rock your Jersey. With this outfit all I did was wear a Top underneath, then I wrapped the Jersey around to make it look like it’s a dress, Then to top it up I have the over the knee Boots or whatever you call it. Obviously since it’s winter it would be wise to wear this outfit with STOCKINGS to stay sexy and still warm but nonetheless this is outfit number 2.

Click on the Pic to Open!

Outfit 3

This is definitely an office look , or If you’re church person that also works. Here all I did was wear my 2 peace, a skirt and a top, with heels. It WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER with a Figure Belt, sadly I didn’t have it. But yeah that’s it.


Let me know if I helped ladies. This Jersey is definitely a girls favorite for me this Winter.

Shout out to Zikhona Mnyani for some Dope snaps!

Love Life <3

Today I felt inspired to write about gratitude and appreciation. This year has made me realise how important it is to appreciate being alive and living in the moment. As we grow older we are so concerned about making moves, being rich and successful, making our parents proud, achieving goals blah blah blah. We get caught up in that moment that we forget to actually live our lives and enjoy being alive. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting caught up in a moment of achieving your goals, being ambitious, wanting to become better and so on and so on, but all I’m saying is, I personally feel that we need to take a step back and pause (it doesn’t have to be a long pause) but pause and look at your life and be grateful.

Be grateful not only by saying it in words, but show it to yourself that you are grateful to be LIVING right now, treat yourself well, be kind to yourself, love yourself and  love those around you. Make time for your well being so that you can actually feel that you’re alive, make time for your loved ones, friends and Family. This life thing is not promised to us, we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, we might not realise it but as the day goes by we are living by FAITH, without even knowing what will happen in the next hour, in the next day even. So I would really like you to take moment and show appreciation to the air that you’re breathing right now, also appreciate that you are still young and youthful. Take this moment and use it, so that when you’re old and rich, you don’t wonder and regret what happened to your life, or what happened to the people that lived and loved in your life. Take this time and use it so well, so that when you’re longer on this earth, you know that YOU LIVED.

Life is such a beautiful experience an experience that needs to be embraced and cherished all the time, but remember you only get to experience it once. So think about how you spend your time Living.

For me personally, taking a step back, reflecting and appreciating life means going to the Beach and listening to the sound of the soothing waves, watching the sunset and breathing that fresh air. This is the kind meditation that me and my friends have learned to implement all the time. We go to the beach almost every weekend and stay until night time..IT HELPS US, WE ALWAYS COME BACK REVIVED, ALWAYS!!. WE GO TO THE BEACH EVEN IF THE WEATHER IS COLD, BECAUSE OUR AIM IS TO ALWAYS TO REVIVE OUR SOUL, MEDITATE,  AND APPRECIATE LIVING.

Pictures taken by my Friend Zikhona Mnyani.


I’m really trying to hold myself on this post and be as normal as I can but, DAAAAAAAAMN!, YHO YHO YHO, WHOOOOOOO SHEM!!!. What can I say, I mean where do I even begin, there’s a lot to talk about. it’s Melanin Popping, it’s African Queens, Healthy FRO’S, Confident girls, Black Beauty, my Best friends, my Best friends, My Best Friendsssss! It’s amazing what God can do when creating a human nature, that man can create magic I tell you. whooo, ok let me calm down, before your brain cracks while reading this post.

First off all, can we all agree that Black is amazingly beautiful. Right. It makes me so happy to see, young black girls who are confident in their skin. when I say skin, I mean that in a broader context, just loving yourself, appreciating yourself and being proud of who you are and where you come from as an individual. We already live in a society where there is a lot of comparison, where we find that some people are considered better and normal than other people. I’m definitely not going get deeper than that. But it gives me so much life to see that there are so many girls, who when they look at themselves, they feel complete to a point where they wouldn’t want to change anything about themselves.

Where am I going with this, I have no idea, but what I’m trying to get across is that I personally feel that there is no such thing that needs to be addressed as “normal”, and then the rest needs to change a particular thing about themselves to be considered “normal” to fit in the “normal” society. God created us in all forms, shapes and sizes, and according to that, child, we are all normal and beautiful. With that being, I want whoever is reading this post to start embracing themselves as they are, and enjoy being the wonderful creature that you are and own it.

So a week ago, I did a photo-shoot with my friends. The aim then was plus size what what. Then I released, this whole labeling of individuals is getting tiring, matter of fact to me it’s annoying, we should all just embrace our differences. But what I can tell you though it that, while I was doing the shoot I realised so many things about these ladies, I was like OH MY GOD, BLACK IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL (Excuse me for swearing, emotions, emotions lol)!!.. I looked at their hair I was like WOW!, Babes Can I just say, the Skin was glowing, at some point, I even felt like they were just showing off, I’m not even going to mention the fact that they were just full on, and they embraced their Africaness, and when I say ‘Africaness” I mean the Hips and the Big Booty Honey! I was so amazed and so proud, it was as if I had never seen anything like that before.

So YES! This week, girls who are confident about themselves are my Favorite, they definitely fall under ‘agirlsfavoritebyTida’. Shout out to all my beautiful African Queens out there, let us stay shining and embrace ourselves.

Also shout out to myself for the dope Photography, yes me. I’m also a photographer. Shout out to my friend Zikhona Mnyani for being the Make up Artist and for the Photo Edits. Also shout out to my best friends for bringing their big booties Nwabisa Dyala and Ziyanda Mbuyazwe.

Check out the whole shabeng (Pictures) below.


I say floweeeers! Yes Flowers🌸! Come on girls can we at least agree on this one. Of course I do understand we need Data and all that, but we can’t deny the Romantic feeling behind getting them flowers right!., besides the fact that it is rare to ever get flowers, but I mean there is just something special about receiving flowers from that special somebody. The minute someone sends and or brings you flowers, that moment lasts forever, it is that moment when you realise that damn!, oh my word, I’m special! I mean, this actually means, that I mean something to someone.

It is that moment when you realise, this person went all out to buy ME! ME! FLOWERS!🌸. There’s no doubt that at that very moment, you know just how much you are appreciated by that person for whatever reason. I don’t think you girls realise just how much of an effort it takes for someone to get you flowers, they have to choose which ones you might like, wrap it up nicely, write a note, even sending them is a mission!, I mean wouldn’t you like that for yourself. I know would. So please allow me to choose Flowers over Data.

Receiving flowers is such a great feeling, when they are being brought to you, there is that moment where you just stand there and be like “wow are those for me”, you see that’s that’s an amazing feeling. Even if you getting them from a friend or family, the fact that someone thought of you, and loves you like that to bring you flowers. is a breath taking feeling.

So yaaaas can we all agree now that Flowers Flowers Flowers all the way Girls.

and oh if you’ve never been lucky at receiving them flowers girl.  Don’t be scared to rock up in your man’s place wearing the flowers in your Skin, just to show him how much you love them FLOWERS!  🌸🌸🌸

Your girl has started for you. Check pics below 😀

And Finally We Here! <3

Yaaas!, I have started with my Blog. Finally. I mean I’ve beeeeeen planning to start with it for a couple of years now, and I just never did. But look at me at me now. Yeeey, the girl has finally stood her ground, and made the things happen.

So what’s up!.. Pretty much all things girls, I mean we run this world Right!. Us running this world, also means we should look within ourselves and just appreciate being a girl and all the things that we Love and cherish.I mean girls just need to talk about their favorite things and just have a blast. Why not!

So with that being said, what better way could I have started with my favorite thing, If I’m not talking about all things Sexy Coffee. Yes girl. I know you love your Coffee. Aint nothing that can come in between you and your coffee right, you know what I’m talking about. it’s just the way Coffee makes me feel when I’m not having a good day, or even when I’m starting my day. Coffee just turns to make me see the Light, my mood Blossoms. My coffee is that Boyfriend that’s always there to lift my spirit up when no one is around you know ❤ …I have a special Relationship, a special Bond with it, I just can’t explain it. I Always make sure if I make it, it has to be done with Love, I know I will definitely feel the Love back from it…  and the way I see it, Come oooon! The sexyness in that Black Coffee though..Daaarn. anyway I could go on and on, but this post is already long enough., Sad.

So yea girl. Coffee is definitely on my List of A girls Favorite. I take my Coffee very Seriously, How do you take your coffee ..

oh and How Dope are my Pictures though…Giiiirl I had to flirt with my Coffee Lol. ❤